What I Do:
︎ Motion (Video editing, Animation)
︎ World-building in Digital Space
︎ Collaging, Form making, 3D
︎ Publication Design
︎ Brand Campaign, Identity

About Yingxi Ji:
—Currently living in Another.World.
—Currently open for collaborations & freelance jobs!
—Graduated from Rhode Island School of Design
   with an MFA in Graphic Design in June 2022.
—Previously worked at PMH Advertising Agency as a Designer.

(Digital) Designer

  I am a visual storyteller, and an innovative thinker.


  It is my lifelong goal.

Center for Primal Matters 

A Speaker Series
Web, Speculative Design, Curation
The Center for Primal Matter promotes active explorations of material culture, and focuses on promoting kinship with chemical elements.

Various characters come to life in this serious yet playful interpretation. Whether or not you have an affinity for chemistry, you likely studied the subject in school. But what happens if the periodic table is re-examined? Can it become a magical tableau? The 118 elements sit quietly on the table—and they become simultaneously mysterious and charming with the realization that everything, including human bodies, is made of them.

Everything we touch, eat, and use comes from the 118 chemical elements found in the periodic table, yet we rarely stop to consider and appreciate their existence. The Center for Primal Matter creates an environment where these elements expand beyond their abstracted two-dimensional representation in an array. The project gives elements a voice; I asked each element to be a collaborator, to represent themselves in a three-dimensional way. As a curator, I invited them to the stage as guest speakers for a limited series of broadcasts—Primal Matters; I also organized a few panel discussions to give opportunities to hear their voices.

Visit us at: c4pm.org

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