What I Do:
︎ Motion (Video editing, Animation)
︎ World-building in Digital Space
︎ Collaging, Form making, 3D
︎ Publication Design
︎ Brand Campaign, Identity

About Yingxi Ji:
—Currently open for collaborations and hunting jobs!
—Graduated from Rhode Island School of Design
   with an MFA in Graphic Design in June 2022.
—Previously worked at PMH Advertising Agency as a Designer.
—I lived, studied, and worked in Minnesota from 2011 to 2020.
—Originally from Suzhou, Jiangsu, China

(Digital) Designer

  I am a visual storyteller, and an innovative thinker.


  It is my lifelong goal.

Cactus Fiber Wonderland

Material Transformation
Form Making, Unity3D

A collection of digital generated
cactus fiber forms by using NodeBox.

I’ve been trying to establish a closer relationship with nature.  Last summer, I traveled to the Chihuahuan Desert with a group of artists and biologists for six days. My goal was to learn more about desert plant life and what is classified as waste.

On the third day, our instructor Hector walked up to me with a dead cactus, explaining that what he held in his hands was “waste.” He then dissected the sampleit to show me a chunk of cactus fiber which he exhumed from the center of the cactus. At that moment, I suddenly realized that my understanding of plant life was almost exclusively based on the exterior; I hadn’t taken the time to probe the interior. Later, I also came to understand that the fiber is edible, and can be used to make cloth.

Here, I apply my methodology to a chunk of cactus
fiber extracted from the center of a dead desert cactus.
I find myself drawn to materials and species that are generally ignored or are considered waste. I believe that all matter and all living things, however small, deserve to be respected and seen:

STAGE 01: Developing an intimate relationship with
this cactus fiber.

STAGE 02: Slowly turning its organic form into
digital generated forms. I’ve been exploring new ways for human beings to actually see non-sentient beings
anew by viewing their materiality through different
forms and angles.

STAGE 03: Build a wonderland that only for cactus
fiber and inviting humans to come in.

©Yingxi (Sabrina) Ji 2023
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