︎ Motion (Video editing, Animation)
︎ World-building in Digital Space
︎ Collaging, Form making, 3D
︎ Publication Design
︎ Brand Campaign, Identity

About Yingxi Ji:
—Currently open for collaborations and hunting jobs!
—Graduated from Rhode Island School of Design
   with an MFA in Graphic Design in June 2022.
—Previously worked at PMH Advertising Agency as a Designer.
—I lived, studied and worked in Minnesota from 2011 to 2020.
—Originally from Suzhou, Jiangsu, China


  I am a stroyteller, an innovative thinker and narrator.


  Become an educator is my lifelong goal.

Subvert familiar interactions
between objects and humans.

Challenge and expand terms of engagement.

Make objects protagonists
rather than quotidian props.

Reduce distance.

Become a collaborator.

Allow a new-found intimacy to grow.

Find alternate ways of communicating through
design that breaks expectations.

Work between fact and fiction.

Release a grip on tightly held certainties.

Allow materials to become conductors of meaning.

Encourage interdependence and revitalization.

As we envision our futures, I advocate for us as human
beings to take a moment and slow down
to look back to our “yesterdays.”
Look at what we’ve done and what the past has left us.
Can we extract so-called “waste” as materials
to make a better present and future?

©Yingxi (Sabrina) Ji 2023
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