What I Do:
︎ Motion (Video editing, Animation)
︎ World-building in Digital Space
︎ Collaging, Form making, 3D
︎ Publication Design
︎ Brand Campaign, Identity

About Yingxi Ji:
—Currently open for collaborations and hunting jobs!
—Graduated from Rhode Island School of Design
   with an MFA in Graphic Design in June 2022.
—Previously worked at PMH Advertising Agency as a Designer.
—I lived, studied, and worked in Minnesota from 2011 to 2020.
—Originally from Suzhou, Jiangsu, China

(Digital) Designer

  I am a visual storyteller, and an innovative thinker.


  It is my lifelong goal.

RISD Grad Show 2022

Brand Identity, Project Management

It was a blast that Zengqi and I had the opportunity to collaborate on the identity system for this year’s Risd Grad Show. The identity means celebrating the multidisciplinary and inclusivity between each major while the students at risd constantly cross the boundary between mediums, materials, and textures to apply to their works.

The system applies to various platforms, including
a website, various-sized posters and banners, print ads, digital ads, and social media.

View full Grad Thesis Students work digitally at: 

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